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Multi-media artist.
Web developer and publisher, including hosting solutions and social media marketing.

*Historian is defined as “an expert in or student of history, especially that of a particular period, geographical region or social phenomenon”. We prefer to be described as a “student of history” — forever learning.

Current Projects

Finding the real story behind Betsy Carlos, an enslaved woman from North Carolina who bore at least nine children by different fathers living along San Antonio River Road near Victoria, Texas — probably and most notably, Carlos de la Garza and/or son Vicente.

Annotating the 1875 publication Life and Adventures Of L.D. Lafferty: Being A True Biography Of One Of The Most Remarkable Men Of The Great Southwest Through a Protracted Life of Almost Unparalleled Sufferings and Hairbreadth Escapes Upon the Frontier of Texas by Alexander Hamilton Abney.

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